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Customized and Affordable Tours to Africa and Beyond.

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When you dream about the adventure of a lifetime, do you dream about breathtaking safaris, trekking Kilimanjaro, stunning beaches, and luxurious accommodations in exotic locations?

If that’s your idea of adventure, Gad’s Tours & Safaris is your key to making this dream a reality.

We’re more than your average Safari Tour Guide. We explore new destinations for you and make sure all your needs are met down to the tiniest detail.

Whether you’re looking for a private tour or want to join an organized experience with other travelers, our goal is to make all the arrangements, and YOU have the adventure – all while learning something new about the world. We can completely customize your adventure, or you can choose from some of our exciting packages below:

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Breathtaking Safaris

Adventure-Trekking Kilimanjaro

Unforgettable Gorilla Tours

Exotic Beach Vacations


Meet Gad

Your Personal Tour Coordinator

As a professional Safari Tour Guide, Gad excels at helping you plan your perfect vacation. Not just any vacation, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring and enriching experiences. He believes in seeing the world in the most unique way possible, and wants to share his knowledge and passion for travel and tourism with all of those whom he guides.


"Whether it was hiking through rainforest to stand atop the highest point on a continent; having a Maasi tribesman escort us to a champagne breakfast next to a river full of hippos and baboons; lounging poolside watching giraffes and elephants moving across the horizon; or standing in the surf with a Kenyan fisherman as he explained the many creatures around us, it was simply one of the best adventures we have ever taken."
– Alan G.

"From the excitement of planning the itinerary to the plane ride home, it was an adventure that just kept getting better at every turn. Gad did an amazing job of coordinating transportation, stays, and guides. In addition, he was always there to manage any surprises, which were few for our group of 10." – Alan G.

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